Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jack & Emily: Treasure Trove

When Jack and Emily came to me...I immediately fell in love with them and their love for life and among other things, amusement parks! I quickly learned that one of their favorite places to spend time together was Disneyland and that Jack had actually proposed to Emily while at Disneyworld. I also soon learned that Jack's aunt owned a Jamaican restaurant that they had hoped would be able to cater their wedding. So with those two things in mind, a love for Disneyland and Jamaican food...what else could we use as our concept...but a pirates of the Caribbean theme? I knew that it would have to be done just right or it could easily go awry, so we carefully chose elements that would subtly depict the feel while pairing it with a fresh palette of aquas, pinks, red and yellow.

Sea glass in various shades of aquas hinted toward the ocean.

The girls looked lovely in their Watters & Watters gowns
The bride's beautiful bouquet was made up of orchids, calla lillies, roses and snowberries and tuberose by Twigg Botanicals and was pinned with Emily's grandmother's blue jewelry, as her "something blue".

The centerpieces made up of tropicals, dahlias and hydrangea and adorned with Ostrich feathers alluded to a Pirates cap while personalized wine bottles added a touch to the tables.

There was plenty of Jamaican soda and Red Stripe.

The head table was one of my favorite details. I love how there is something so ethereal about this picture.

A customized pink flocked damask backdrop served as a decor element as well as a photo opp. for guests. We of course gave them fun masks to play with and wear.

of course, what would be the Caribbean be without a little buried treasure?
Emily and her mom put together Emily's favorite homemade brownie mix that we personalized and packaged in an old chest with jewels and chocolate gold coins for guests to take on their way home.

Emily sharing a dance with her Dad. This was such an emotional moment for both of them.

This may be one of the funniest sequences I have seen in quite a while..
I love how serious they are really taking this.

Jack and Emily, you are perfect for each other! You have a way of taking care of one another that I just love. It is sweet and genuine and sometimes really funny to see how well you know each other. I know you will hold on to each other forever.

all of the absolutely gorgeous and stunning photography was done by Natalie Norton. I have been dying to get these up...and it was worth the wait Nat! BEAUTIFUL!


Kathryn said...

Beautiful - as always! I love how all of the weddings you create transport me into some gorgeous fantasy land - and this one is no exception!

Anonymous said...

These are GORGEOUS!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Heather- this wedding is amazing! I love the colors and all of the fun, unique details. And, so funny- I know Kindall (the bridesmaid holding her escort card)- she goes to my church!

Great job!

Stephanie said...

Do you know where the groom got his tie? That would work so perfectly with my fiance's linen suit in our April wedding!

Amorology said...

Stephanie-the tie came from Tie Bar...but I believe that color may have been discontinued now. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! this is so awesome! The details and colors and photos are all amazing!-I now have a new blog to follow! ;)Jen

Stephanie said...

Re: amorology
Thank you!! I checked at thetiebar.com and they do still have it! We ordered it last night. It's exactly what we were looking for so thanks again. :)

robyn said...


Natalie. said...


My Sweet & Saucy said...

I am in love with this wedding...simply gorgeous!

tracyjax said...

yet again! another beautiful wedding! her hair looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

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