Saturday, July 26, 2008

calling all creative

So we just finished up a photo shoot for San Diego Style Weddings Magazine yesterday in which we were asked to do a concept and design for a table scape. It was so much fun!! I paired up with my mom from Twigg Botanicals who did the florals and we got to work!
One of my favorite details of the day...kind of a last minute idea to go with our favors
The linens that Wildflower had could not have been more perfect! We were so excited to find these! Everything they have is beautiful though..linens to inspire and hundreds of weddings waiting to happen!
We must have changed our concept at least 3 times...but were finally inspired by this tea canister with the beautiful elephant. Our concept quickly became titled "Tea in China". Sidenote: We learned that day from the very talented Haydee of Haydee's florals that an elephant with it's trunk up means good fortune. Isn't that so appropriate for a wedding theme too. I loved that! Unfortunately...I've already done a good fortune themed wedding...and this wedding quickly moved from China to somewhere in Bombay. It took on a much more Indian type feel and we have been left without a title!
So...this is where I'm enlisting all of your creative help and inner genius. We haven't come upon just the right name for our table and I was hoping you could help. As of now, we named it "Indian Ocean". Any other ideas? Something with Bombay perhaps, tea,tangerine or mandarin orange. Please.....anything that comes to mind. I would love to hear any and all ideas and hey it may just make it into the magazine. THANKS in advance and love to you all! I'll have the real professional pictures soon to share. Stay posted!!


Miggy said...

Fairy Tale Island with Tangerine Pixie Dust and Magical Elephants. Too long?

How about...
Tangerine Dream
Bombay Tea House
Tea in the East
White Elephant Gift (harhar)
Indian Safari

That's all I got, and it's not a lot...sorry. But I LOVE the table scape.

Autumn said...

I am horrible at this creative stuff and somehow I was called to the Enrichment committee at church. What the heck? So my only 1 i can think of is:

Tangerine Treasures

Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking Miggy's "Tangerine Dream"! I couldn't come up with anything original:)

Or maybe:

Tangerine Tea
Orient Orange Tea
Orange Orient

Anonymous said...

Or...Bombay in Bloom

Anonymous said...

Love Bombay in Bloom!
You and your mom do Beautiful work! the table looks exquisite and the colors and textures are so magical!
Bombay Bliss might work too.

Alison said...

Bombay in bloom is fab!
But I like tangerine dream too.

I also like the

The Kiss of Ganesha (it's the elephant with all the arms)

Vishnu's Kiss

Or something like

A Passage to India.

not to steal from e.m, but...

Karalea-Karalea said...

My suggestion is:


Which is an very "Indian" salutation that is often said at the conclusion of a yoga practice.

It means "the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you."

Don't you think that is nice for a new bride and her groom?

As usual it is amazingly beautiful. You are SO great at what you do.

Anonymous said...

Love the table. These are all great suggestions, I was going to say Tea in Bombay, but I think I like Bombay in Bloom.

Amorology said...

oh my goodness! I love them all! Such a hard decision...but one seemed to be just right. Thank you for everybody's input and great ideas. You'll just have to take a look at the next issue of San Diego Style Weddings to see what we chose to go with. :)

Heather said...

Bombay mist
Tangerine Ocean
Tangerine Twist/Splash

This is hard! Good luck! I DO love it ALL though! You guys are pure talent!

Autumn said...

Ok Heather you can't leave us hanging like that!!!
I think since we all helped with some type of input we should get 1st priority of knowing before the whole world does in the mag!!! Ha! Ha!

Rajen Nair said...

Keep up your creative work.

Gabrielle Fox said...

This is so COOL! I absolutely love the concept and the colors! So lovely and creative.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This is great. Such an unusual and fresh color palate. And your mother did an fabulous job on the flowers. Everything just seems to work so perfectly!

Bianca C said...

Oh - I came so late to this blog - what a gorgeous table setting! I would have called it Bombay Sunset. :-)