Friday, February 14, 2014

In Reel Time: Brandi and Tim

Tim + Brandi //\\ Wedding Highlights from Max And Molly Films on Vimeo.

Me oh my, do we have something fun for you this Valentines Day!

Take a peek at the video from our friends at Max and Molly that will make you want to grab your hunny! Brandi and Tim encompass all that is lovely and beautiful and are nothing short of a true romance! Be prepared to feel the LOVE and a little taste of the HI life in our tropical Rancho Valencia wedding!

P.S.  And be sure to keep a look out for Heather's little Milla who made a cameo in this video and took her role as flower girl very seriously!


Mark Brown said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely video.

Reylan Armario said...

Yes it was truly a nice video.

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