Friday, March 22, 2013

{Bright Ideas Contest Giveaway}

We are seriously so in love with all of Typewriter Boneyard's lighting productions and are thrilled we will be using them for Mary Beth and Peter's intimate wedding. Philip and Chelsea are a darling married duo that specialize in one of kind handmade light fixtures that they make in their stylish loft right here in Downtown San Diego. Their lamps ooze coolness with Edison Bulbs, reclaimed wood, & hardback books.....whats not to love? We are teaming up with them to bring you a fun surprise. They are going to give away a new product they have to one of our lucky readers! Be the first lucky kid on the block to brag about their awesome new Half chrome pendant lamp. Add this stylish fixture to any room in your house to brighten up your day.

Here's what you do:
We want to hear (or even see) the things that help that lightbulb go off for you! Where do you get your bright ideas? Whether it be a book cover, a pillow or even your animal's fur we want to know about it! There is inspiration around every corner. Can you find it?

Here's how to enter:

You must be following us HERE on pinterest
Leave a comment below telling us how things in your life bring you inspiration
post a picture of your inspiring subjects on instagram tagging @amorology #amorologybrightideas

We will carefully select a winner based on the best idea given.
Contest ends Sunday,  at midnight.
The winner will be announced in our Friday's Features on April 5


Kindsay and Erik said...

love the pendant lamp! what inspires me? a few years ago I found an old stitched picture in my parent's attic of a tree with autumn leaves. My mom stitched it when she was in her 20s. Its colorful and vintage looking. When decorating my apartment, I used it as my inspiration starting point: I chose a blue and yellow rug that matched the sky and leaves and bought a unique yellow chair to tie it all in. When my mom packed that old frame up in her attic, I bet she never imagined that it would inspire the d├ęcor of her daughter's home 30 years later.

Anonymous said...

We have moved into a new home within the last 8 months and as I have been creating beautiful comforting spaces I have found inspiration from bright cheery colorful things.
In my daughters' rooms the inspiration was from colorful polka dot pillows. In our kids bathroom it was the colors from the Balliet's Christmas card. In the master bedroom the butter yellow walls and decor were inspired from a painting. Our master bathroom color came from a Thank You card and ideas for decor are from some of your weddings. There is so much beauty around us each day that we can find inspiration from.
Our home is not complete but the fun is all in the creating! Amorology, thank you for inspiring me!

Julia said...

I'm in the middle of training for a marathon right now, so I'm spending a good deal of time outside running. Every saturday I run the coast for a couple of hours am totally inspired by the beauty of the water, sand and all the amazing flowers and vegetation. I come home invigorated and it inspires me to clean, de-clutter, and bring more of the outside beauty in. I'm thinking about repainting in the calming hues of the surf, bring in succulents and fresh flowers as decor, and freshen up some of the old pieces I have with a new coat of paint.

Miggy said...

I think inspiration comes from everywhere...sometimes it's pinterest, sometimes it's sitting quietly by myself just thinking. Nature, color, my family, friends,! (That was cheesy...but true. Sorry)

Cassie Salcido said...

I 100% agree that inspiration is everywhere you look! When I am designing for people I look to them - to their story for inspiration. Everyone's story is different and to be able to pull pieces of how a couple met, where they fell in love or what makes them unique can be so inspirational. Something little like an inside joke or a funny habit can take me down a creative path that leads to so many fun and special ideas. So I look everywhere - to myself, to people I work with and most of all to my amazing clients for inspiration to create color stories, patterns, prints and designs that are truly inspired by them!

carolinesbakeshop said...

that lamp is so great! walking around a city that is full of life and culture is the most inspiring thing i can think of. it's so energizing! the people, the architecture, and just the general buzzing of life makes me feel inspired!

The Roberts said...

I am with Julia! My inspiration comes from nature. It brings us back to our basics while opening up our eyes to so many possibilities. My favorite is the sand on the north shore of oahu. It is amazing to me how the sand is different on every beach. Even just a mile away it can change dramatically. All the colors compacted together is beautiful when you stop and look. I love color!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

gorgeous lamp! i used to be a florist, and am still super inspired by the colors and shapes of flowers. some gorgeous hydrangea inspired me to make some blue/mauve hair clips for my baby girl's easter ensemble :)

Tiffany said...

What inspires me........
coming home to a smiling husband, enjoying the little things in life, taking time to slow down and relax, getting outdoors and catching a breathe of fresh air, trying something new even though its scary and hard, exploring a new place. its so easy to get caught up in the busy stressful events of everyday life. I feel most inspired when I am free to think and enjoy the simple things in life :)