Thursday, February 14, 2013

Real Wedding: One Love

Happy love day friends! We have a cheery heart filled wedding to share with you and the day could not make it more appropriate. We've been so eager to share this one with you get ready for loads of photos! Our spunky retro lovin couple Susie and Jared had a wedding as bright and colorful as their engagements. This duo has a love for each other that they wanted the world to see and see it we did! Heart details were sprinkled throughout the day symbolizing the One Love that Susie and Jared share. This couple rocked bow ties and heart sunglasses and kept the vibe for their day funky and fresh with pops of orange, yellow, red and blue with cool hints of succulents in the florals by Form and Function. 

Some of our favorite details:
Susie being escorted down the aisle by her two sisters to a waiting teary eyed groom
A bridal party with no shortage of personality, who had one of the most fun grand entrances and moves for days!
a vibrant mix of patterned linens that we had so much fun playing with..This was our largest combo to date and we loved how it turned out!
Thirsty guests sipped on chilled izzie drinks while leaving their finger heart love marks before the ceremony.
names were alphabetically categorized for seating, playing into the phrase "I love you from A to Z"
The table names designed by Peanut Press Creative were different locations that were special to the couple (ie. their first steamy make out spot) and corresponded to one of the succulent filled letters of the alphabet.  We loved how one of their candid friends got into writing factoids about each of the locations to share with guests.  These were both insightful and hilarious.
Guests indulged in the variety of mini pies and the cake topper was made by the groom himself of little foxes to hint toward their love of Pickle their dog, who resembles a fox.  So INCREDIBLE!
Everyone displayed their own wild side in front of the pinwheel photo booth backdrop which was a labor of love by the bride and her sisters.

and lastly hanging out with this crazy fun group and all of our amazing vendors that helped make this day complete.  Many Thanks to Acqua Photo  for these beyond happy photos, Susie and Jared for just being so dang fun and letting us get to know you and love you!... and thank you to 100 Layer Cake for featuring this lovely wedding today!

Happy Valentines Day Friends!  Hope you spend it with someone who makes your heart race!


Natalie and Clark Rumsey said...

SO ADORABLE. I love the length of her dress. What a relaxed and fun theme!!!

Giselle Rosselli said...

amazing wedding pic all are. its really given gud idea how to make ur best wedding website design threw all memories.

Jennifer Gilmore said...

Your details are amazing! Love the theme and what you did with it! :)

Lindsay Rondo said...

This is one seriously fun wedding! Her dress is amazing! Well done!

Priya Gupta said...
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Kay said...

OMG I love every detail. Is there anyway that you could share how you created the card catalogs? Was there a template you used?

Amorology said...

@kay Thanks so much for your sweet words! Feel free to contact us by email. This is an item that we will be adding to our shop and we would love to help you with these if you are interested in them for escort cards.

Kay said...

Thanks so much! I left a comment on your "contact us" page. I am excited to do this for my wedding. I have the drawers all ready!

Amorology said...

Hi Kay,
We haven't seen anything come through to us. Try us at and we'll make sure and take care of you! :)