Friday, November 4, 2011

Air Supply: Filling Lungs with Love

I can't believe the day is almost actually here! Just want to remind you all to join us tomorrow for what is sure to be a really REALLY fun event where we can help to make a difference for one of my dear friends Sharlie. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, she is now fighting for her life and in need of a double lung and heart transplant. We have rallied together the community and have found no shortage of Love and those willing to help! We are touched beyond words to see what can be done with a dedicated team and how far reaching the effects can be. We are so excited and know tomorrow will be a successful and UP LIFTING event!

With over 100 different amazing auction items that have been generously donated..delicious food, cotton candy, candy apples, a bakery, photo booth, and fun activities for the do not want to miss this! Come and bring your friends! See you tomorrow!! For more Information or to donate now visit

Media coverage

We have been so fortunate to work with Jenny from ScoutPR to get the word out about Air Supply- Filling Lungs with Love. Thank you Jenny for your tireless efforts to spread the word!

Thank you Kip and Tenley for stepping up to be our official spokespeople for this event!
Listen to their radio spots here:

Kip and Tenley on 93.3

Kip and Tenley on 94.1

and on the news:

Kip and Tenley on Fox5

and here is a feature article in the North County Times.


Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

Dear, Wonderful Heather and Troy,

Even though I was not physically at the is a day I will NEVER forget. I felt a surge of love and strength that will carry me through anything. You are so so special to me and I pray every night that the time, effort and love you put into planning and executing Air Supply will come back to you one hundred fold, that you too will be overwhelmed with abundance, love and generosity in your lives!!! I love you so much and am grateful beyond expression! xoxo

Amorology said...

Thank you Shar! It is a day we will never forget as well and one that has changed our lives. We love you so much and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to share all of the amazing experiences and stories that came with that day with you. Just waiting for pictures and we'll be sure to put something together. said...

Thank you! I'm one of the many people who read, enjoy your blog