Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Engaging: Lydia & Cote

Only one day until this adorable couple goes from being engaged to married! I don't know who is more excited us or them because their wedding is going to be killer gorgeous with style for miles!

Luna Photo did an amazing job capturing Lydia + Cote on a beautiful day at the beach. We are thrilled to also have them there for the wedding day-- we know everything they turn their lens on will look stunning!

These two shots are definitely two of our favorites! We can just imagine Lydia breaking into a laugh right after this picture was taken. Such amazingly beautiful moments captured and how can we not mention the incredible lighting in all of these? Perfect!

Another gorgeous one flooded with light--Lydia looks so radiant and breathtaking!

These two have been a dream to work with! We honestly can't relay how genuine and sweet they both are, which is definitely one of the reasons why they are perfect for each other!

Congrats Lydia + Cote! We are so excited for your big day and of course your future together...


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Are you going to post photos from this sweet couple's wedding, too? You sound so excited about it, must be fabulous!

Katrina said...

I have to say that my photographer said the same thing about me and my husband about the fact that I was willing to walk out of a rocky pier to get that perfect photo in my wedding dress. He said a lot of brides would have never done that... I was just in it for the perfect shots :)

Amorology said...

We are! Can't wait to get these ones back. I think they are going to be incredible!! It was such a beautiful day with a gorgeous tent. :)