Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot off the press!

I just went and picked me up one of these! So excited to see the 4 page spread they did on an Amorology wedding! It was so fun to see it in print in Modern Bride...we love Modern Bride! Lots of exclamations going on here I realize....but not nearly enough!!!! Much love and many hugs to everyone who was a part of it and helped make things happen.

You've got to pick one of these up, if for no other reason than to see how cute Alison and Eric are and how gorgeous
Sara's photos are...and let's not forget the details! Thanks for sharing in my excitement. Many more great things are to come!

xoxo, heather


Globetrottingbride said...

Congrats!!!! That is soooo exciting! I can't wait to check it out. Happy holidays!!!

Vicki Lynne said...

I'm off to buy a copy right now! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Oh, thanks for the tip. Can't wait to get my copy today!


Pam Archer said...

Hello Heather.
I enjoyed browsing through every page of your web site. You creativity shines through on every page.

Congratulations on your feature in Modern Bride!

Alison said...

Eric's mom was just happy that his socks matched. That was her biggest concern.

Anonymous said...

Heather, you are doing so well and I'm so glad! I loved looking at Leo's pictures of the Balboa Park wedding...amazing. You are so talented and I'm so excited that things have taken off the way they have. I will definitely be picking up a copy of that Modern Bride! Again, congratulations!

I'm Natalie. said...

OOHHH! Congrats Heather!!!