Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a crowning event: Brian & Andrea

Okay, so I know I have been terribly slacking these last couple weeks at keeping up with the blog...but I am so going to try and make it up to you with lots of pictures (and I mean LOTS) from Brian& Andrea's wedding that took place at the Prado at Balboa Park. Leo Patrone gave us so many great images it was hard to choose. Thank you Leo! I can't wait to get this wedding up on my featured weddings section on my website so I can even share more.

So without further ado...you have seen the inspiration board (filled with crowns and Spanish flair, inspired by the bride's time spent in spain)..here are some of my very favorite details.

Bridesmaid dresses from BCBG and spanish fans
vintage crown postcard holder that we put to good use holding postcards and escort cards for the guests.

A Spanish guitarist for the courtyard of course
Hundreds of red carnations floating in the fountain. This was absolutely gorgeous as it greeted the guests at the entrance.
The overall large ballroom with a crown gobo we had customized for the dance floor. The chandeliers just happened to be shaped as crowns as well. How perfect was that?
Each table was named in Spanish and translated to such things as my queen, my treasure, my family, for always, etc. This one pictured, "Mi Cielo" or my heaven, sat at the Bridal table.
The beautiful bride herself in her breathtaking lace and silk dress by Alvina Valenta

Crowns adorned the centerpieces as they sat on custom made velvet pillows and beds of flowers. Twigg Botanicals used lush spanish roses in varying shades of corals, peaches and deep reds that was vibrant against the teal covered tables.
Godiva chocolate boxes sat at each seat tied with red ribbons and customized letter-pressed monogram tags by Pretty Handsome Paper.

The cake...oh, I loved the cake! We of course had to add a little crown to the top to tie it all in.

We had customized postcards made from vintage embroidered Spanish cards I found. Courtney Scowby Designs did an amazing job...really making these look authentic.
We added vintage stamps of course to the backs of the cards (notice they're crown stamps)...and Yes, the bride and groom did handwrite a personal memory to each guest on the back that was carefully placed at each seat. This was such a wonderful and thoughtful way to honor each guest and remind them how much it meant to have them there.

The parents of the bride catching a glimpse of the first dance. I love this picture.

A late night treat and a Spanish tradition...Churos and Hot Chocolate...so tasty and a big hit.
The getaway...The Bride handed out long stemmed red roses as she said goodbye to her family and friends. They rode away in a pedi cab as guests saw them off.
One last kiss! Andrea and Brian you are truly divine in every way. Your kindness and love makes the world more sweet. What an elegant and beautiful day it was! Thank you for trusting me with something so special and for allowing me to share in all the fun. Love to you both!


shelly said...

What an amazing wedding -- every detail is wonderful!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Oh.my.goodness! I love everything about it. Absolutely gorgeous! You knocked this one out of the park!

big willy style said...

heather we love you. i cry every time i look at the pictures because i remember how perfect and wonderful our wedding was. brian and i always say to each other, "can you believe that was our wedding? ours!?!?!" thank you so much! we love you. the williams

Steph said...

That was such a gorgeous wedding! Great photos.

Pin Cushion Princess said...

What an amazing wedding. All the little details make it look so special for the bride and groom. Another fabulous wedding.

Susie said...

Wow that is one stunning wedding and those photos are gorgeous! The carnations in water idea is so romantic!

As a bride-to-be ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from www.idonowidont.com I have been planning our upcoming wedding 24/7.

I may have to steal the carnations in the fountain idea to make our celebration really chic and set the mood!

Karalea-Karalea said...

Holy Cow. That was amazing. Do you ever look back and think, "I did that!" And are you just shocked. You are a miracle worker. Congratulations on wonderfulness.

Laura E @ Southern Weddings said...

WOW. I have fall in love with this wedding. Love all the details and especially the bride's gown. The lace detail is beautiful.

D. Marie said...

What beautiful colors...can you tell me where the bridemaids got their shoes... i love the color. I am using a shade like it for my bridesmaids...well we still have to go dress hunting!

amorology said...

Hi D. Marie. I believe the shoes were by Chinese Laundry if I am remembering correctly. I think we found them on a discounted shoes site. Try like.com You can shop by color there. I love that site!

Jacquelyn said...

I absolutely love your ideas! Fabulous! I studied abroad in France, and I plan on incorporating a lot of French/vintage/royal elements into our wedding. I have been trying to locate the various crowns you used, can you tell me how to find them?

Amber said...

What company did all of those great crown signs? Were the invitations done in the same theme, and were those done by the same company? I just absolutely love them!

A said...

So lovely! Interesting to see this colour palette. I lived in Spain for a few years, and automatically would revert to gold, red, black as the main staple colours to a wedding like this. But the teal is an interesting twist!

velia cavazos said...

Where can I purchase the table centerpiece? I love the little crowns.

Amorology said...

The pillows can actually be purchased from us and will be shortly sold in our shop. Feel free to reach out to us in the meantime at info@amorologyweddings.com for pricing. The crowns can be purchased from your paris market. Hope that helps!