Saturday, August 2, 2008

When the family gets together...

Here's how I spent my week off from Wedding planning. Some R & R at the Rockin R' Ranch in Antimony, Utah. Oh what, you've never heard of it? Not's a little to the left of the middle of nowhere! There was no cell phone service for miles, the gas station was the mall and when our family showed up we doubled the population. But...we got some well needed time with Troy's side of the family and my little Finn had the time of his life with his cousins and riding a horse named Tom. To all you Bolyards and Lymans, it was so fun getting to see you and hugs to you until we see you again!
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meagan said...

I am an avid reader of your blog, but have been unable to check it for a few days...I pulled it up today and found that you recently went to Antimony! Antimony is near my home town Circleville. I just think that it is funny when I found out that people vacation in my home town area...alot of people do though. Anyway!?!

amorology said...

Apparently, Antimony is a vacation hot spot...I know 2 other families that went there this summer too. :) That's too funny. It's always such a small world.