Friday, August 8, 2008

Here comes September 20th....

I love Jessica and Matt's engagement photos taken by A Beautiful Light. You can tell these photographers really do know their light and their images really are beautiful! I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites, as I know Jessica and Matt did too....which is always a good thing!

In looking through their images, it looks as if they spent all day with their photographers riding their bikes all over Solana Beach! What a fun day!.... and the perfect opportunity to really capture Jessica and Matt and the sweetness of their relationship.

This may be one of my very favorite images from their shoot. Just the whole composition of it makes me think of them sharing a moment and looking out to the future that lies before them and how wide open and beautiful it is. Does that sound cheezy? Maybe a little. I'm okay with it.

I'm excited for you both...wonderful things lie ahead for you....including a super fabulous wedding. Can't wait! Best wishes to such a great couple!


Joseph and Brittany said...

Its Brittany Asay (I don't know if you remember me) but Joe and I are friends with the Barkers and I am friends with tracy too. I LOVE your work you are amazing. I came across your blog from a photography website. I am so glad I did. I hope you guys are doing great your kids are adorable of course.
See ya later

amorology said...

Thanks Brittany! Of course I remember you! So good to hear from you. Hope you guys are doing well. We would love to see you guys again soon.